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Lighter (5 grams), quicker (10% faster) and stronger (20% blade, 5% shaft) than before. The Bauer Vapor HyperLite Stick raises the bar once again for featherlight low kick sticks in terms of durability, quick release and playability. Even at 385 grams, Bauer was able to improve blade toughness by 20% and shaft toughness by 5%, all while speeding up the shot release by another 10% too. Simply put, this is the best Vapor stick ever and it's not even close. Internally, the HyperLite stick debuts a drastically re-engineered blade core called HyperCore. Bauer fused two carbon fiber bridges into the stiff foam core for the 20% increased toughness, but the ripple effects are just as impressive. HyperCore is even lighter than before, which provides players with a better balance point. The shot release speed increases because of the added stiffness plus it even extends the new-blade-feel longer too. While the shaft upgrades might not sound as exciting as the HyperCore blade, they still do a lot for the player. The HyperLite uses a new Optimized Carbon Layup, along with their Asymmetrical TeXtreme Carbon and DuraFlex Resin System that again has a range of improvements. The 5% improved toughness is always welcomed on an expensive stick like this, but it even makes the shaft 10% easier to flex and makes it 10% quicker releasing for even better performance and playability.
Level of Play | Elite
Flex Profile | Low Kick
Weight | 385 grams (85 flex)
Heritage | Vapor FlyLite / 1X LITE / 1X / APX2 / APX