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The CCM JetSpeed Pro Grip Stick was built for maximum versatility so that players can be confident in their shot no matter the circumstances. The new Hybrid Kick Point made this possible thanks to the soft taper and a strategic stiffness spike near the CCM logo, providing a deadly release and devastating shot power.

CCM's new patented JetStream blade carries on the RBZ legacy with a multi-channel, hollow blade core but now features vibration dampening technology. The hollow design maximizes responsiveness and power while the dampening layer improves puck feel and puck control, truly the best of both worlds. The JetSpeed Pro also uses CCM's new patented blade molding technology that is significantly more durable and consistent than those of year's past.

While the shaft boasts pro-spec 12K carbon fiber for pro-level responsiveness and weight-reduction, the shaft dimensions are the big update coming from the RBZ Line. CCM went back to the drawing board in order to find the perfect shaft geometry for stick control and shot accuracy. Through their research, they found that rounded corners, double convex top/bottom with double concave sidewalls was the answer. The concave sidewalls allow for better stickhandling while the double convex top/bottom prevent the shaft from tw
isting for better accuracy.

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