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A portable and proven way to build upper and lower body strength. Use resistance to develop and increase your speed and acceleration. Perfect for adding tension to common exercises or assisting pull-ups and dips. Built to withstand your most intense workouts and routines!

Available in 4 varying resistance levels. Below we explain the benefits of each resistance band, to help you identify the perfect pro resistance band for you:

Low – Yellow:

The lowest resistance out of the set of three. Ideal for low intensity training for maintenance. Subtle to anyone who is wanting to take part in resistance training. Idle for beginners.

Medium – Red:

This is ideal for mild exercises and higher rep counts.

Heavy – Black:

The highest resistance out of the set of three. Tighter and requires more force and energy to stretch the band. Ideal to be used to push harder while building muscle mass.

Extra Heavy – Grey:

The highest resistance out of the set of four. Ideal for experienced athletes who are looking to maintain their bulk/strength. Highest level of strength training for that EXTRA resistance.

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