CRS Cross Boot Bumper Gel Pad Sleeve - Protection of Achilles Tendon & Lace Bite

CRS Cross Boot Bumper Gel Pad Sleeve - Protection of Achilles Tendon & Lace Bite

CRS Cross

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CRS Cross Boot Bumper Gel Sleeves have both a front rectangular gel pad for lace bite, and a custom shaped gel pad in the back of an elastic sleeve for heel and Achilles. The elastic sleeves help position the gel pads in the correct location to reduce discomfort. The Boot Bumper Gel Sleeves are designed to reduce pain and pressure to both in the front lace bite areas and the back Achilles and heel areas of the foot.

CRS Cross Boot Bumper Gel Sleeves have a lightweight compact design that will fit in most boots or shoes.  Hypoallergenic design is safe for use on the skin.

Relief from boots that rub your heel and front of foot.  Versatile for ice hockey, figure skating, rollerblading, roller skates, roller derby, quad skates, inline skates, hiking, skiing, tall equestrian boots or any boot.

  • Set includes two (2) Sleeves with a reusable CRS Cross mesh bag designed to air pads after each use.

  • Each sleeve has two (2) Gel Pads in to cushion the front and the back of the foot.

  • Protect and cushion. One pad cushions the front of the foot & shin area and one pad cushions the heel & Achilles tendon areas.

Sleeve available in two sizes:

  1. One Size Fits Most – 3.25 x 7 inch sleeve

  2. X-Large - 4 x 8 inch sleeve (recommended for Men's 9 and up and Women's 10 and up

Gel Pad Specifications: One 4.75 x 2.5 inch front gel pad for lace bite and one 3.75 x 2.75 custom shaped back Achilles heel gel pad.

Hand wash in warm water with mild soap and air dry.

Avoid the mistake and discomfort of lower priced generic sleeves. Our loyal CRS Cross Gel Sleeve customers enjoy the premium fit and feel of our custom stitched sleeve and the distinctive cushion and placement of our medical grade gel. Many of our customers have tried the lower cost brands only to come back to the comfort and quality that only a premium CRS Cross Gel Sleeve can provide

Designed by a former professional figure skater, current coach and skating mom. Whether it is long hours in your boots, new boots or just sore lace bite and heel areas, don't suffer.