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The CCM FL80 Helmet is a great choice for players of all ages and levels. It will fit comfortably enough for those looking for a recreational helmet, but it also features some of CCM's high-end protections features, including their revolutionary R.E.D. bladder system. The R.E.D. System in the CCM FL80 had to be adjusted a bit in order to be compatible with the FL80's foam liner, so CCM shifted the liquid-filled bladders closer to the head, putting them between the liner. The EPP foam manages linear and direct impacts while the R.E.D. system softens rotational impacts.

The CCM FL80 comes equipped with the FL80 cage as well. This cage is designed with carbon steel flat wire which were designed to improve sight lines and overall vision. Also in the cage is CCM's multi-density foam chin cup which features an antimicrobial fabric that will work to keep you safe from unwanted germs!