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The Vapor line by Bauer is designed to be lightweight, foster mobility, and enhance performance. The goalie sticks are no exception to this ideology, The X500 uses new technology and expert craftsmanship to provide goalies with a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Vapor X500 has the feel and puck dampening that many love about foam core sticks, but with the weight and durability of a composite stick. A fiberglass-reinforced outer wrap covers an optimized polyurethane core to reduce weight and help dampen pucks.

The blade of the X500 employs Bauer’s low-density core, which balances the weight of the stick and creates a more consistent feel of the puck. The composite shaft is complete with a replaceable handle grip and double-concave walls, giving goalies a more secure hand placement in stance and increasing maneuverability on the handle respectively.