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The Bauer GSX Goalie Leg Pads are a solid choice for the recreational or casual goaltender. They are built with the shape of Bauer's Supreme line with the flex of Vapor's break above and below the knee. This combination helps newer goalies transition between technical movements while supplying the most coverage possible.
  • Model Number: 1056804
  • Heritage: Supreme S27 / S170
  • Level of Play:
    Beginner -> Intermediate
  • Playing Style: Butterfly 


Another design pulled over from the Vapor line is the Tune Fit strapping system, a highly customizable internal calf strap in which goalies can fine-tune the fit to their liking. A new addition to help increase stabilization when in the butterfly is the Butterfly Assist Calf Pillow, slotted in between the leg channel and landing pad.

Bauer adjusted the boot angle to 115°, which helps the leg pad sit much more comfortably on top of the skate and increase range of motion for big reaching saves. Additionally, they took away the skate lace toe ties and replaced it with an offset bungee system. This helps goalies get their foot closer to the ice for a better seal without putting additional pressure on their hips or knees.